Cm3 for Contractors

Helping Contractors demonstrate and maintain their health and safety capabilities

Cm3 is a web based OHS/WHS prequalification system, developed so that you can demonstrate your health and safety capabilities to current and potential clients.

Cm3 prequalification consists of checking you have the right insurances as well as a comprehensive assessment of your safety systems. This assessment is completed by OHS/WHS specialists from Greencap - one of Australia's leading specialists in health and safety risk management.

Key Benefits

Demonstrate your Safety Capabilities

Cm3 prequalification let you show your current and future clients how you manage safety – helping them meet their duty of care to make sure you are working safely.

Improve your safety management

Achieving Cm3 prequalification helps you review your current safety practices, identify any gaps and improve your safety management processes.

Reduce Compliance Costs

All clients registered on Cm3 accept your Cm3 prequalification. This elimates the need for you to undertake separate prequalifications if you work for multiple clients, reducing the time and cost of compliance and letting you get on with business.

Gain exposure to new clients

Clients can search for Cm3 prequalified contractors as a quick and effective way to engage new contractors in their business. By achieving Cm3 prequalification you are visible to potential clients in your industry.


The price for Cm3 ranges from $287 per annum to $785 per annum (excluding GST) depending on the size of your business and the amount and type of work you do for your clients.

This fee includes an annual assessment of your safety management systems, feedback from qualified OHS/WHS specialists and access to the Cm3 customer care centre. You can see the full Cm3 schedule of fees here.