Cm3 helps contractors like you to demonstrate and improve your health & safety capabilities

Cm3 is a web-based Work Health & Safety (WHS) system that businesses use to source, prequalify, and evaluate their contractors. With Cm3, you are able to show clients that you have the correct licences and insurances for their work, and to showcase your health and safety capabilities to both current and potential clients.

Cm3 Prequalification Certificate - Demonstrate Your Safety Capability with Cm3


What does being on Cm3 mean for your business?

Hear from contractors who leveraged their experience going through the Cm3 assessment process to meet their client’s requirements and develop their business.

Tools and support to help you succeed

The Cm3 assessment process involves checking you have the right insurances and licenses to meet your client’s requirements. A comprehensive assessment of your safety systems will help champion your policies and procedures and identify opportunities for achievements that will help you stand out. This assessment is completed by experienced health and safety specialists with diverse experience in risk management across a broad range of industries.

Your Cm3 membership unlocks several tools and benefits to your business that can enhance your systems and processes, and open the door to more projects with more Cm3 clients.

Demonstrate Your Safety Capability with Cm3

Access work with 170+ Clients

Cm3’s compliance management platform lets you show your current and future clients how you manage safety. This helps them meet their duty of care and be confident that you will deliver their projects safely.

Cm3 Contractor Safety Management Systems Improvement

Improve your Safety Management

Cm3’s robust assessment service helps you review your current safety practices, identify any gaps, and improve your safety management processes.

Cm3 Contractor Database

Appear on the Cm3 Marketplace

With over 10,000 monthly searches, the Cm3 Contractor Marketplace exposes you to clients looking for your expertise and qualifications, giving greater visibility to your business and opportunities to win more work.

Cm3 Recognises External Certifications From Accredited Auditors

Get Recognised for Existing Certifications

The Cm3 prequalification assessment recognises the efforts of contractors who have gone through the process of having their systems certified by an IAF-MLA accredited member body. Learn More about external certifications.

Save Compliance Costs with Cm3

Discounts & Special Offers

As part of Blackwoods, Cm3 is able to offer contractors exclusive discounts and special offers on essential safety gear, equipment, and more.

Cm3 Online Contractor Safety and Compliance Management Customer Service and Support

Australian-based Support

Cm3 has a dedicated support team based right here in Australia to provide you with the assistance you need through Live Chat, phone and email.

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