Contractor Safety Management Software to support a safer and more efficient Energy & Utilities industry

Energy & Utilities Contractor Prequalification & Safety Management Software

The planning and implementation of safe and efficient energy management is crucial in business to ensure that projects are well-planned, cost effective, and compliant with WHS obligations. Whilst broadly the same across Australia, the High Voltage Industry is governed at a state level with the breakdown of industry areas being:

  • Power Generation
  • Distribution
  • Transmission
  • HV customers
  • Retail

High Voltage (HV) Electrical Risks are critical within the Energy Sector. The Cm3 assessment team is trained and experienced in how to apply the HV industry standards to assessment evidence and verify all submitted documentation against legislative requirements – giving you confidence in the compliance of your contractors working with High Voltage Electrical Risks.

Leaders in the Energy & Utilities sector use Cm3 to manage their Contractor Compliance and WHS

Cm3 gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your contractor compliance – online and visible across your whole business

Cm3’s dedicated team does the heavy lifting requesting and verifying required insurances while the Cm3 platform give you the flexibility to control required minimum insurance cover for individual suppliers.

From your own Cm3 site, clients can collect and verify any type of contractor licences or company documentation and even have contractors complete an online declaration of adherence to your policies and procedures if required.

Cm3 Dashboard Graphic

Dashboard Reporting

Cm3 provides an easy to use web-based interface, giving you real-time access to the status of your contractors’ prequalification.

Cm3 Contractor Safety Management Systems Improvement

Expert Assessor Team

With a full-time expert compliance team, the Cm3 prequalification process stays up to date with changing regulations and legal requirements.

Demonstrate Your Safety Capability with Cm3

Built by WHS Experts

By leveraging Cm3’s centralised system of already prequalified contractors and a standardised process, your organisation can dramatically decrease the time required to prequalify your contractors.

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