In the event of a workplace incident, both clients and the business that service them are vulnerable to safety risks and, in the event of an incident, legal liabilities. The nature of compliance can be dynamic and, as legislation develops, businesses need to mature their own safety management, systems, and processes to reflect their obligations relative to their scope of works.

Being on Cm3 is not only recognised by industry leaders as a reflection of a contractor’s focus on safety and compliance but also provides significant value in being able to demonstrate due diligence. The annual assessment that contractors complete on Cm3 is tailored to collect and review their insurances, licences, health and safety practices, and other documentation against their clients’ compliance requirements and best practice.

Grolife has been a contractor on Cm3 for nearly a decade, leveraging Cm3 to meet their client requirements, improve their internal safety management processes, and uphold their commitment to keep their workers safe. Read on to learn more.


Grolife’s Cm3 Journey

Grolife is a Southeast Queensland based group of companies that first joined the Cm3 network in 2016.

Currently servicing clients in the commercial, retail, and industrial sectors across their three business units, Grolife is committed to delivering premium quality maintenance services.

While joining Cm3 was initially a requirement of their client, Grolife recognised the value of the Cm3 assessment process for their business, taking advantage of the opportunity to have their processes and WHS capability assessed by a team of industry experts.

Grolife’s 8-year tenure with Cm3 reflects their long-standing commitment to workplace safety and compliance. They leverage Cm3’s service to audit their safety systems and to gain a compliant status for clients to engage them confidently.

“In the early stages of the company’s growth, Cm3 not only monitored and checked our OH&S systems but also brought to our attention areas where we needed improvement. From the feedback given by the Cm3 team we were able to develop policies and procedures that help increase our safety levels and reduce risks associated with the works we provide.
Initially this process was tedious as we realised how many areas we required improvement in. However, as the company has grown and we have continued to develop our OH&S systems, the annual review has reduced to only taking a few minutes.

Cameron Stacey
Founder, Grolife Group Pty Ltd


Leveraging Cm3 as a Competitive Advantage

Grolife’s compliance status on Cm3 continues to be a point of difference for their business. Their current and prospective clients are reassured by Grolife’s commitment to keeping employees safe and that engaging them will greatly decrease the risks associated with having contractors operate on their sites.

There is a variety of solutions available to organisations for the management of their vendors’ compliance, from manual processes, in-house solutions, and dedicated systems. Unique to Cm3 is an in-house team of assessors with substantial experience, knowledge, and qualifications across sectors. The team applies a critical lens when assessing contractors, ensuring they meet their client’s requirements and providing guidance where improvements can be made.

“Cm3’s professionalism, expertise, and dedication to fostering safer working environments make them a standout in the industry.
We are immensely grateful for our collaboration with Cm3 and would highly recommend their services to any organisation aiming for excellence in safety.”

Cameron Stacey
Founder, Grolife Group Pty Ltd

Learn more about Grolife on their official websites: Grolife Landscape Management, Grolife Property Services, Grolife Indoor Plantscapes.


Finding Safety & Compliance Focused Businesses on Cm3

Client organisations on Cm3 are able to search for contractor organisations like Grolife that meet their compliance requirements on the Cm3 Marketplace. Clients conduct over 10,000 searches per month for contractors on Cm3, taking advantage of powerful search functionality and filters including work types, job types, and risk types.

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