Construction and infrastructure projects, regardless of size, present an array of unique risks across each stage of the project lifecycle.

Construction & Infrastructure Contractor Prequalification & Safety Management Software

It is a WHS obligation to ensure that contractors and subcontractors are working in a safe environment, and that they are implementing safe work practices on site. Having a suitable safety management system and carrying out risk assessments are fundamental to the WHS legislations in Australia and New Zealand.

Work conditions on construction sites are of a particularly high-risk due to their dynamic nature. Strict legislation exists to protect the safety of workers and surrounding public, calling for due diligence around acquisition of property, environmental considerations, and health and safety responsibilities.

Cm3’s Contractor Safety Management & Prequalification System is used by clients in the Construction and Infrastructure industry to ensure the compliance and safe work practices of their contracted workforce.

Leaders in the Construction & Infrastructure sector use Cm3 to manage their Contractor Compliance and WHS

Dedicated Prequalification Assessment for Your Principal Contractors

Cm3 has a dedicated Principal Contractor prequalification assessment that applies a more critical lens to the evaluation of documents submitted as evidence of a contractor’s capability. This solution provides increased confidence for Cm3 clients regarding the standards expected of a Principal Contractor prequalifying with work for them.

Principal Contractor Safety Management Software System

Contractor specialised areas of work or risk relating to construction include

Site Preparation
Fitting Out
Load Bearing Structures
Renovation & Maintenance
Non-structural Demolition Work / Strip Out
Decommissioning & Dismantling of Structures

Cm3 gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your contractor compliance – online and visible across all Construction & Infrastructure activities

The Cm3 Assessment Team has extensive knowledge of risks and legislative obligations for employers, employees, and contractors in the context of Construction. Using Cm3, you are also able to request necessary licences, insurances, and other documentation from your contractors to be verified.

The system provides you with the flexibility to control your required minimum insurance cover for individual suppliers and collect and verify any type of contractor licences or company documentation. If required, you can have your contractors complete an online declaration of adherence to your policies and procedures.

Cm3’s dedicated, Australian-based support team ensures that your contractors are assisted through their onboarding process and are given the best chance to reach prequalification and improve their own safety management systems.

How AJ Grant Adopted Cm3 for Industry-Leading Contractor Safety Management


How AJ Grant Adopted Cm3 for Industry-Leading Contractor Safety Management
Cm3 Dashboard Graphic

Dashboard Reporting

Cm3 provides an easy to use web-based interface, giving you real-time access to the status of your contractors’ prequalification.

Cm3 Contractor Safety Management Systems Improvement

Expert Assessor Team

With a full-time expert compliance team, the Cm3 prequalification process stays up to date with changing regulations and legal requirements.

Demonstrate Your Safety Capability with Cm3

Built by WHS Experts

By leveraging Cm3’s centralised system of already prequalified contractors and a standardised process, your organisation can dramatically decrease the time required to prequalify your contractors.

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