Contractor prequalification is a process that helps minimise the risk to client and contractor by considering, before a contractor is engaged:

  • What hazards/risks the contractor might find when working for a client
  • What hazards/risks they might bring associated with the work they will do
  • How the contractor and client will control these risks

The prequalification assessment of contractors can be done by a business in-house, but it can be prohibitively time and resource consuming. By utilising contractor prequalification software like Cm3, businesses are able to remove the requirement for them to resource this function themselves.

With prequalification, you are managing risks and ensuring compliance by only engaging contractors that have the credentials to get your work done safely and correctly.


Contractor Prequalification with Cm3

Cm3 is unique in its employment of experienced Assessors who are qualified to make careful judgements about contractor risk and liability. Being an Australian business with the entire team based onshore, the Cm3 team is intimately knowledgeable of the Australian and New Zealand jurisdictions, providing assurance to clients that operate in these regions.

Cm3 checks how well a contractor is prepared for work by addressing important queries such as:

  • Has the contractor assessed the risks of the work they will do for the client?
  • Does the contractor hold the right competencies for the work?
  • Are the tools, plant, equipment, and products the contractor brings to site correct for the job and fit for purpose?

When a new client engages Cm3, they invite their contractor base to join the platform and complete a prequalification assessment based on their work type and any associated risks. Up to 40% of a new client’s existing contractors will typically be already registered on Cm3. With a large database of existing contractors, clients are also able to easily source contractors that meet their criteria for projects.

Traditionally Cm3’s Contractor Prequalification solution focused on WHS and Environment, however it now looks beyond these fields to include areas such as:

The Cm3 Assessor team stays abreast of industry developments and legislation, undertaking frequent training and development initiatives to ensure they are able to apply a critical lens to the assessment of contractors.


Who are Cm3’s Assessors?

Cm3’s Assessor team consists of 16 individuals who are professionally qualified in Workplace Health and Safety and Environmental (WHSE) Management, Quality and other fields such as law and engineering. It includes tradespeople, technicians and operational managers from construction, transport, mining, Defence, aviation operational safety and heavy maintenance, science, health and telecommunications industries.

When Cm3 receives a contractor’s submission, the Assessors apply their skills, knowledge, and experience to evaluate the evidence and answers submitted and consider what works best for a business. Clients and contractors are not pushed to utilise a predetermined management system. Read more about the Cm3 Assessment Process.