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Cm3’s team of qualified Health & Safety professionals take the time to understand your business, bringing their wealth of diverse industry experience and best-practice to your contractor prequalification, compliance, and safety management.

Cm3 Contractor Prequalification & Safety Management Checklist

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Contractor Prequalification Software - Cm3 Contractor Management System

Contractor Prequalification

Use Cm3’s to ensure that your contractors have the appropriate Risk Controls, Licences, and Insurance in place to conduct your work safely and compliantly.

Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Cm3 Contractor Management Solutions

Ethical Sourcing & Modern Slavery

Cm3 has a number of built in tools that assist the collection of information required to meet reporting requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Cm3 OnSite Site Access and Site Induction App - Cm3 Contractor Management

Cm3 OnSite – Site Access & Induction

Cm3 OnSite is an all-in-one site access solution with easy QR-code based check in that makes the tracking, verification, and reporting of site visitors a breeze.

Chain of Responsibility - Cm3 Contractor Management Software

Chain of Responsibility Risk Management

Cm3 gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your logistics contractor compliance – online and visible across your whole business.

Cm3 Induct - Online Inductions and Training System

Cm3 Induct – Online Induction & Training

Use Cm3 Induct (formerly Go Induct) to ensure your contractors know the vitally important safety and risk information prior to coming to your site.

Contractor Management System Integrations and API Access - Cm3

API Access & System Integrations

Enhance your Contractor Safety Management with powerful integrations between Cm3 and your existing systems.

Onsite Contractor Verification Service - Cm3 Contractor Management

Onsite Contractor Verification Service

Cm3’s Onsite Contractor Verification Service gives you cost-effective, fast and ongoing management of your contractors’ safety across your supply chain.

For AJ Grant, managing the documentation for our multiple contractors was an extremely time-consuming challenge. After evaluating various contractor management providers, AJ Grant selected Cm3 for its ease of use for contractors and how it aligned to the needs of our national organisation.
Cm3 took the stress out of this process by storing contractors’ insurances, licences, safety plans, SWMS and other key documents in one centrally managed, risk-based database making it easy to find the relevant information and confirm our contractors’ prequalified status.

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Cm3 Client - AJ Grant

Speed up Your Contractor Prequalification

Cm3’s contractor safety management system and prequalification solution are designed to take away the administrative burden of contractor management. Unlock the capacity for your WHS team to focus on developing policies and improving standards and practices in pursuit of creating a safer workplace.

The Cm3 team onboards your contractors, making sure they have appropriate Risk Controls, Licences, and Insurances in place for your work. This empowers you with the assurance that they are qualified to get the job done safely.

By leveraging a centralised system of contractors that have already completed their WHS assessment based on Cm3’s standardised process, your organisation can dramatically decrease the time required to prequalify your contractors.

Cm3 Contractor Management Software Industry Experts


Your time is valuable. Cm3’s service handles contractor OHS/WHS prequalification from beginning to end. This frees up your internal resources and allows you to focus on your business with confidence in contractor and supplier compliance.


With a full-time expert compliance team, the Cm3 prequalification process stays up to date with changing regulations and legal requirements, giving you confidence that your risk is being minimised by the industry’s leading experts.


Cm3 provides an easy to use, web-based interface giving you real-time access to the status of your contractors’ prequalification. Quickly and easily identify contractor their status, access documents, assessments, and view historic archives.

Count on our Support

Cm3’s dedicated support team is renowned for its commitment to your success.

Cm3 Dedicated to Client and Contractor Success

Your Success, Our Success

We work with you to ensure that Cm3’s platform is integrated successfully into your business to meet your compliance and prequalification needs. By helping you add value to your organisation, we add value to ours.

Cm3 Online Contractor Safety and Compliance Management Customer Service and Support

Dedicated to Contractors

With a full-time team providing support to contractors, Cm3 takes care of the heavy lifting of engaging with contractors during the prequalification process. This frees you up to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Cm3 Full Time Development Team Product Roadmap

Full-time Development

We built it, we maintain it. With our own in-house development team based in Australia, Cm3 has the expertise and capability to modify or create a solution specifically to meet your needs.

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