This Product Schedule sets out details of the Services.

Capitalised terms have the meaning given to them in the Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise specified in this Product Schedule.

Cm3 Insurance Checks

  1. Cm3 will proactively prompt and remind Contractors to upload valid certificates of insurance coverage. These reminders and requests will be initiated by Cm3 and transmitted through the Contractors’ registered communication channels. This process will commence prior to the expiration date of their insurance policies.
  2. The certificates subject to verification include but are not limited to public liability, workers’ compensation, and professional indemnity policies supplied by the Contractor.
  3. The Cm3 team will conduct a thorough review of the certificates submitted, comparing them against the information recorded in the platform. This includes, but is not limited to, details of the contractor’s insurer, commencement and expiration dates, policy numbers, and the specified value of insurance coverage.
  4. Clients have the flexibility to configure their own insurance coverage requirements. The system will provide visibility into whether a Contractor’s insurance policies meet the specific coverage levels set by the client.

Cm3 Terminology

  1. Cm3 employs a range of terminologies in the solutions and documentation, including but not limited to Compliance, Qualification, Qualified, Pre-Qualified, Verified, Compliant, Competent, Skilled, Trained, Licensed, Conforming, Authorized, Fit, Capable, Assessment, Survey, Risk Review, Business Risk Profile, Risk, Check, Review, Assess, Provider, Vendor, Contractor, Supplier, and others.
  2. It is important to note that Cm3 utilizes these terms in accordance with its internal standards and guidelines. These terms are not necessarily aligned with any specific legal or industry definitions or external standards.

Cm3 Assessment

  1. The Cm3 assessment service is a service that can be assigned by Cm3 to Contractors. Cm3 may apply this assessment service to various types of assessments within its ecosystem.
  2. It’s important to note that while Cm3 provides assessments and surveys, some of these assessments and/or surveys may not be reviewed by Cm3 itself. Instead, they may be intended for internal review by the Client unless otherwise specified or agreed upon in writing between Cm3 and the Client.
  3. To ensure the effectiveness of its assessments, Cm3 relies on Contractors to provide accurate and authentic information to the system.
  4. Cm3 employs qualified and experienced personnel to review the information submitted by Contractors. These assessments are evaluated against an internally defined framework, which may not encompass all the risk areas specific to a Client’s business or industry. Cm3 will make reasonable efforts to stay updated with changes in laws, regulations, and legislation but may not be able to accommodate all such changes in the product.
  5. The outcome of individual components for an assessment may result in various statuses, including but not limited to “Completed/Not Completed/Incomplete/Pass/Fail/Compliant/Non-Compliant/Provisional/Not Reviewed/Not Applicable.”
  6. Cm3 will make reasonable attempts, utilizing the Contractors’ registered communication channels, to prompt and remind them to complete any outstanding assessments.

Cm3 Survey Plus

  1. Cm3’s Survey Plus module grants access to the module and the survey builder tool, enabling users to create customized surveys with specific questions. It’s important to note that Cm3 does not review or assess the information collected through this module.
  2. Cm3 does not offer survey building as a service, nor does it review completed surveys or generate summary reports unless an alternative arrangement has been agreed.

Cm3 Essentials

  1. Cm3 Essentials is a limited-service offering.
  2. Contractors may only participate in Cm3 Essentials with Cm3’s prior approval. Cm3 will not unreasonably withhold approval, however Cm3 reserves the right not to approve a Contractor based on the Contractor’s risk profile and history with Cm3.
  3. Information collected through Cm3 Essentials undergoes a document check process, which is based upon what the Contractor has identified their business as in the Search/Marketplace at registration for example Plumber, and what services they offer. It’s important to note that a comprehensive risk profile will not be generated, and the full extent of a Contractor’s risks will not be identified. The Cm3 team does not conduct a detailed Risk Review or Assessment as part of this service.

Cm3 OnSite

  1. Cm3 OnSite is a self-service solution for site access and induction.
  2. Clients hold the responsibility for configuring their sites, managing users, and preparing induction materials. Cm3 will provide online documentation to assist in this process.
  3. While Cm3 may offer Clients sample induction information for general informational purposes, it is essential to understand that this material serves as a sample only and may not cover the specific risks or requirements associated with individual sites or activities. Each site inherently carries its own unique set of risks, legal obligations, and compliance demands.
  4. Clients bear the responsibility for customizing and adapting the sample information to align with their specific compliance needs and circumstances.
  5. It is crucial to recognize that legal and compliance matters are subject to change. Staying informed about evolving laws and regulations is an ongoing obligation. Clients are urged to seek current guidance to ensure their business and activities remain compliant and well-protected.
  6. Users agree to receive SMS communications (Broadcast Messages and Mobile Authorisation Codes) from Cm3 OnSite.

Cm3 Induct

  1. Cm3 Induct is a learning management system for Contractors to undertake inductions.
  2. Clients can provide Cm3 with pre-made SCORM Packages which can be configured as general or site-specific inductions. Cm3 does not handle the conversion from other formats i.e. Words, PowerPoint, PDF into SCORM Packages unless otherwise agreed at a cost.
  3. Clients can invite Contractors to complete inductions via invite codes issued from Cm3.
  4. Induction completion information is fed back into the Cm3 application and can be reported against for Clients.