Why has my client invited me to join Cm3?

There are several reasons why your client has invited you to Cm3.

When an organisation partners with Cm3 for their contractor prequalification and compliance management, they are making concrete efforts to enhance the standards around safety, compliance, and operational efficiency. Part of this involves only engaging with contractors and suppliers that meet their compliance criteria.

Your client has invited you to join Cm3’s network because they value your business relationship and want to continue to engage your services with greater transparency for all involved. Everyone deserves to get home safely, and your client’s continuous focus on HSEQ improvements are testament that they value the safety of you and your staff.

Why is Cm3 a paid subscription?

Cm3 is more than an ecosystem of software. Cm3 is a solutions partner for organisations that takes on many of the administrative services around the prequalification and assessment of vendors, including suppliers and contractors.

The annual fee for Cm3 covers several components. This includes having dedicated, qualified Assessors conduct extensive work assessing all submitted documentation to ensure they meet requirements, and guiding contractors through to achieving a compliant status with their clients.

How much does Cm3 cost for contractors?

Cm3 has a tiered pricing structure that is calculated based on an organisation’s Business Risk Profile (BRP).

Businesses with more varied capabilities and work types have the potential to introduce more risks. An increased level, or severity, of risks has a direct relationship with how comprehensive Cm3’s assessment process needs to be to ensure a contractor is meeting their client’s requirements.

Do contractors need to pay for every client they register with?

No, Cm3 is one fee, for one year, for unlimited clients!

Ensure your Business Risk Profile is up to date and covers all work types you deliver for your clients on Cm3. This will ensure that your tier and assessments are in line with your clients’ requirements. By selecting all applicable work types and job types you conduct in your profile, you will also increase your visibility to clients searching for businesses to engage through the Cm3 Marketplace.

How do I get help completing my Cm3 assessment?

Cm3 has a comprehensive knowledge base and an Australian-based support team that can be reached in your preferred method.

Whilst logged in, you can access Cm3’s knowledge base and find guides and advice on managing aspects of your account and completing your assessment. Contextual help icons are present for the majority of questions and prompts to give clarity around how to complete each section.

Cm3’s support team can be reached via Live Chat, email and phone for assistance throughout the process – this is a complementary service included in your subscription and does not require additional investment.

Why kind of documents do I need to upload to Cm3?

The documents required to be uploaded into Cm3 will depend on your operations, and your client’s requirements.

Generally, these will include:

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (CoC)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate of Currency (CoC)
  • Licences and Qualifications
  • WHS Policies, Procedures, SWMSs, JSAs, and so on.

Do I have to submit everything again when renewing?

When you renew on Cm3, all previously submitted evidence and documentation will be present. This greatly decreases the time it takes to complete your annual assessment and ensures minimal, if any, disruption to your status and ability to be engaged for work with clients.

You will need to provide fresh evidence for some questions demonstrating that you’re still communicating with workers, training them in your risk assessment requirements, and inspecting your plant and equipment.

You only need to do this once per year for any and all clients you are working with on Cm3.

Can Cm3 help me get more work?

Cm3’s network of safety and compliance focused organisations is searchable through a powerful tool called the Cm3 Marketplace. Clients on Cm3 are able to use this to find and connect with businesses such as yours based on work type, job type, and compliance status.

Cm3 is well-regarded across industries, even by businesses not on the platform, for the consistent and comprehensive nature of the assessment process. By displaying the Cm3 logo on your website and collateral, you are demonstrating your commitment to conducting your operations safely and compliantly.

I use subcontractors - can I manage them with Cm3 too?

Absolutely. There are many benefits to your business being both a contractor and a client on Cm3.

Request a demo of Cm3 from one of our product experts to learn more!