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Enhance your Contractor Safety Management with powerful integrations between Cm3 and your existing systems

Cm3’s contractor management system is capable of effective integrations with various internal systems your business may use including Site Access, Accounting, Procurement and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

By partnering with you, Cm3 is able to leverage its robust API and in-house team of technical experts to successfully integrate data into various systems to fulfil your requirements.

Why Integrate with Cm3?

Utilise Prequalified Contractors
Ensure you only engage prequalified contractors
Contractor Management Software Integrations Efficiency
Unlock operational efficiencies and focus on your core business
Reduce Contractor Safety Risks with Cm3 Contractor Management Software
Reduce risks in your supply chain and remain compliant

Integrating Cm3 into your existing systems unlocks the potential for valuable automation and organisational efficiencies

Unlock powerful integrations that save time and money by working with Cm3’s team to connect your contractor data with your existing administrative systems.

Site Access

Cm3 can integrate with your site access solution to ensure that the contractors checking in on site are prequalified.

Partners include: Sine, TIKS

Procurement Systems

Ensure prequalification status of contractors before you engage them through the procurement process by integrating your procurement system with Cm3

Daily Extracts

Daily extracts can be used to integrate to in house software, third-party systems and data warehouses.

Work Orders

Ensure work orders are only issued to the highest quality contractors by integrating with Cm3


Cm3’s robust API can be utilised to integrate with your systems. Speak with an expert to learn more!

Meet Some of Cm3’s Integration Partners

Speak to a product expert about how to integrate your existing systems with Cm3’s contractor prequalification software

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