The Cm3 Marketplace showcases safety and compliance focused contractors across Australia and New Zealand - ready to work with you

With over 10,000 searches every month, the Cm3 Marketplace is one of the most valued features by Clients and Contractors alike.

Using the platform’s advanced search functionality, you are able to find qualified contractors based on set criteria to meet your business needs. The Cm3 Marketplace aims to simplify the contractor search and selection process, enabling you to build your network in Cm3 and make better informed decisions.

Up to 40% of a new client’s contractors are already on Cm3. Request a free gap analysis and see how the Cm3 Marketplace can complement your vendor management.

Cm3 Marketplace - Expansive Contractor Database For Procurement

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Find known Contractors or leverage powerful filters to source new ones

You have your preferred contractors, and the Cm3 Marketplace lets you find and connect with them easily by searching by business name or ABN.

Finding other contractors that meet your requirements is easy from Cm3’s expansive B2B contractor database. Use Cm3’s work type, job type, and risk type search tools, and refine your results using a wider range of dynamic filters. Client tools let you share search results with other people in your team, and you can invite contractors directly from their profile when you are ready to connect.

Find Contractors With Work Type Search

Search By Work Type

Find contractors by searching through an expertly curated list of contractor services on Cm3

Find Contractors Based on Job Type

Search By Job Type

User Job Type search when you want to filter by the “job to be done” rather than the overarching service.

Find Contractors With Advanced Filters

Search by Risk Type

Find contractors that meet your requirements for projects when you require works that are associated with particular risks.

Find Contractors Based on Name or ABN

Find Known Contractors

Find specific contractors using known details such as their ABN, trading name, Cm3 ID, and more

Find Contractors With Advanced Filters

Leverage Powerful Filters

Refine your search results and hone in on the right contractor using a wider range of dynamic filters

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Unparalleled Coverage

Since its inception in 2008, Cm3 has built a network of tens of thousands of registered contractor organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Cm3’s network has become an invaluable tool for procurement and management of contractors for clients as they engage anyone from sole traders to multi-national companies.

Learn more about What Types of Contractors are on Cm3.

Cm3 Contractors - Heatmap of Locations New Zealand

Featured Contractors

Supply Nation Cm3 Integration

Supporting Indigenous Businesses

Cm3’s contractor management platform now integrates with Supply Nation. The integration, facilitated by the Cm3 Marketplace, empowers clients to find and connect with registered and certified Supply Nation Indigenous businesses that meet their compliance requirements. Cm3’s comprehensive contractor management solution is designed to streamline processes and enhance risk management when engaging contractors. By engaging Indigenous businesses through Cm3, clients are able to showcase their commitment to Indigenous engagement, workplace safety, compliance, and the broader social cause.


Get a free gap analysis of your contractor base against the Cm3 Marketplace

Request a gap analysis and find out how many of your contractors are already on Cm3. A Cm3 product expert will take you through the platform and show how Cm3’s platform and contractor database can be used to speed up and enhance your contractor safety and compliance management.

Up to 40% of your contractors may already by on Cm3

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