Cm3 is pleased to announce a partnership with the Waalitj Foundation. The foundation aims to lead the provision of education, employment and business opportunities for First Nations Peoples.

Through their Waalitj Hub, the foundation assists the Indigenous business sector by supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to start, grow or sustain their businesses. This includes in-house guidance from Indigenous coaches and direct access to independent, professional support.

With Cm3, the Waalitj Foundation will now be able to support Indigenous owned businesses in achieving prequalification for projects with hundreds of businesses across Australia that use Cm3 to manage their contractors.

The partnership aligns with Cm3’s pillars of sustainability of supporting Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace, and in business including suppliers and contractors; and Community Contributions, where we seek to make a positive impact on the communities in which we operate.


MCAC Aboriginal Corporation Becomes Cm3 Prequalified Contractor

One of the foundation’s clients, MCAC Aboriginal Corporation, is a proudly Aboriginal-owned business specialising in renovations and maintenance. With the support and guidance of the Waalitj Foundation, MCAC has grown from a team of four to over fifteen along with several subcontractors since its formation in 2020.

In experiencing this growth, MCAC identified the need to implement management systems and processes to demonstrate to clients that they were compliant to their requirements and equipped to take on the work.

“On our journey. we realised that to expand further and to be able to engage directly with larger clients offering stability, we needed to establish some processes and management systems to support our growth.”

“We developed an inhouse system that really was too complicated and burdensome. We realised we needed to rethink our focus and streamline our business and what we simply wanted to do. The Cm3 process helped us, really for the first time, review each component of our business and fully appreciate the risks for each activity and helped us make a few changes going forward.”

“The process was quite straightforward and logical. Cm3 also provided a list of documented examples and templates of how to tackle risks. We would most definitely recommend it to other Indigenous businesses.”

“Our journey to date has been a challenge, but has set us up for a bright future.”

Mat Wilson & Wesley Savage, MCAC

Since joining Cm3, MCAC has been offered several projects with a large Energy & Utilities provider and is exploring opportunities with a number of other clients.


Benefits to Contractors for Joining Cm3

Contractors on Cm3 enjoy a range of benefits from achieving prequalification such as access to WHS experts, special offers, and greater understanding of their WHS responsibilities. Additional benefits include:

  • Get prequalified to work with 170+ clients
  • Improve your safety management
  • Appear on Cm3’s Contractor Marketplace
  • Automated insurance, licence & certification expiry reminders
  • Get recognised for existing certifications
  • Australian-based support