The effective and efficient procurement of contractors for required types of work that service specific geographic locations and meet compliance requirements can be a major challenge for organisations. Without a centralised system or easy access to a pool of vetted vendors, the process is even more complex and time consuming.

The Cm3 ecosystem has tens of thousands of registered contractor businesses with representation across almost every work type a client may need. Read on below to explore the breadth of Cm3 contractors, and how they are able to service clients where they need them across Australia and New Zealand.


What types of Contractors are registered on Cm3?

The services offered by contractors already registered on Cm3 cover over 1,000 work types associated with unique Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) codes. Significant numbers of contractors on Cm3 operate in the fields of:

  • Electrical
  • Cleaning
  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Security
  • HVAC
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Mechanical Services
  • Pest Control
  • Civil Construction

Each of these businesses has completed a Business Risk Profile (BRP) and Ethical Sourcing risk profile when registering with Cm3. They then undertake an assessment to demonstrate they have the necessary competencies, credentials, training, and licences to complete work for their client/s on Cm3. By utilising Cm3’s prequalification service, clients are able to both significantly decrease the time investment required to onboard their contractors and increase their confidence in their safety and compliance.

For more information about the Cm3 assessment process, read: Understanding the Cm3 Assessment Process


Where are Cm3 contractors located?

Outside of high concentrations of contractor businesses based in major cities, large regional towns, and other population centres, Cm3 contractors have significant coverage across Australia and New Zealand.

The below heat maps show the locations of the registered head offices of contractor businesses on Cm3. Many contractors, especially larger businesses, service locations across entire, or multiple, states.

Cm3 Contractors - Heatmap of Locations Australia
Cm3 Contractors - Heatmap of Locations New Zealand


Finding prequalified contractors for your work

Clients on Cm3 are given access to the Cm3 Marketplace, a comprehensive database of registered and prequalified contractors. The Cm3 Marketplace is a powerful resource allowing them to search for and filter businesses based on:

  • Type of work (services)
  • Risks involved
  • Geography
  • Current insurances
  • Prequalification status

When a new client organisation partners with Cm3, they connect with their existing contractors on Cm3 with ease and invite their remaining preferred contractors to achieve prequalification on the platform.

On average, new clients to Cm3 find up to 40% of their contractors already registered and ready to go. This is an immediate benefit for business continuity, as prequalified contractors may be engaged with confidence by clients during roll-out. Registered contractors with lapsed compliance status can also follow Cm3’s streamlined renewal process to meet their client’s requirements swiftly.

Cm3 is continually looking for ways to improve both the client and contractor experience on the Cm3 Marketplace with enhanced search functionality, powerful filters, contractor details, and ease of navigation. Recent improvements include auto-complete and natural language recognition in the search, making finding contractors based on work type, job types, and risk types even easier.