In today’s evolving business landscape, the value of diversity and inclusion has taken centre stage, with an increasing emphasis on supporting Indigenous communities. With a vision of a prosperous, vibrant, and sustainable Indigenous business sector, Supply Nation was formed to empower Indigenous-owned businesses and facilitate connections with other organisations to deliver positive social and economic outcomes.

In an exciting development, Cm3’s Contractor Management platform now integrates with Supply Nation’s database of Indigenous businesses. Clients on Cm3 Enterprise are now able to see and filter contractors connected with them that are Supply Nation members. In early 2024, functionality will be added to enable clients to find and engage members who meet their compliance requirements through the Cm3 Marketplace.


What is Supply Nation?

Supply Nation is Australia’s premier organisation dedicated to connecting Indigenous businesses with procurement teams from Australia’s leading companies. Established with a mission to promote economic advancement and employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Supply Nation acts as a bridge between corporate and government entities seeking suppliers and Indigenous-owned businesses ready to provide their products and services.

The significance of Supply Nation membership extends far beyond just a label. By becoming a member, companies commit to driving positive change and supporting the growth of Indigenous enterprises. Supply Nation helps Indigenous businesses overcome historical barriers by providing access to networks, knowledge, and resources that contribute to long-term sustainability.

Supply Nation currently recognises two levels of Indigenous business ownership:

  • Registered – Businesses that have 50% or more Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander ownership (caters for equal partnerships with non-Indigenous owners)
  • Certified – Businesses that are 51% or more Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned, managed, and controlled

Supply Nation also offers membership for companies committed to supplier diversity:

Learn more about becoming a member on the official website.


The Cm3 Ecosystem – A Powerful Collaboration Tool

Cm3’s contractor management platform now integrates with Supply Nation. Cm3’s comprehensive contractor management solution is designed to streamline processes and enhance risk management when engaging contractors. The integration with Supply Nation creates an avenue for clients to showcase their commitment to Indigenous engagement, workplace safety, compliance, and the broader social cause.

The integration is being expanded to the Cm3 Marketplace, where clients can find and connect with registered and certified Supply Nation Indigenous businesses. This means that companies looking to outsource work can easily identify and engage with contractors that align with their values of supporting Indigenous-owned enterprises.


Why Engage Indigenous-Owned Businesses?

Supporting Indigenous-owned businesses not only aligns with ethical and social responsibilities but also brings a host of practical benefits to the table:

  • Diverse Perspectives – Indigenous businesses often bring unique perspectives and insights, fostering innovation and creativity in the business ecosystem
  • Community Impact – Collaborating with Indigenous-owned businesses contributes to the economic growth of Indigenous communities, providing job opportunities and driving prosperity
  • Cultural Sensitivity – Indigenous businesses bring cultural understanding and sensitivity, crucial when working on projects that require local knowledge
  • Reconciliation and Reputation – Engaging with Indigenous businesses demonstrates a commitment to reconciliation and can enhance a company’s reputation as a socially responsible organisation
  • Long-term Sustainability – By supporting Indigenous enterprises, businesses contribute to the overall sustainability and resilience of Australia’s economy

Supply Nation and Cm3’s contractor management system integration is an example of the power of collaboration in driving positive change. As Australian businesses increasingly recognise the importance of diversity, inclusion, and supporting Indigenous communities, this partnership demonstrates how technology and social responsibility can converge to create a brighter future.

By engaging with Indigenous-owned businesses through Cm3, businesses not only find skilled contractors but also actively participate in shaping a more equitable and inclusive business landscape.