In October 2021, the Cm3 team released a new Principal Contractor prequalification assessment based on in-depth feedback from clients and contractors regarding what they would need in an assessment of this nature.

This new assessment enables Cm3 to apply a more critical lens to the evaluation of documents submitted as evidence of a contractor’s capability as Principal Contractor, as well as making sure that only those businesses who genuinely are, or who want to be, Principal Contractors are assessed in this category.

This provides increased confidence for Cm3 clients, knowing that the same standards are expected of a Principal Contractor prequalifying with work for them. Additionally, it gives contractors assurance that they are assessed fairly and in the same way as other Principal Contractors bidding for work.

The Principal Contractor Risk Review covers:

  • Formal appointment of a Principal Contractor
  • Project risk registers
  • Principal contractor WHS plans
  • Communication of plan content
  • Consultation
  • SWMS review
  • Compliance with SWMS
  • General construction induction

The Risk review was released after an extensive program of testing with clients and contractors.

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