A common question posed to Cm3 is whether it is a software or a service.

At the core of Cm3 is an online ecosystem of supply chain compliance solutions, however a partnership with Cm3 involves more than simply software and support. Cm3’s key strength is its people. The teams within Cm3 are designed to understand, anticipate, and meet the needs of clients when it comes to their use of contractors or supply chain risks.

Whilst some businesses feel that they either need to adopt a software solution or engage consultants, Cm3 occupies a powerful position as a solutions provider that is an adaptive and capable hybrid of the two.

Read more about the different facets of Cm3, including that of a software, service, network, and solutions partner.


Cm3 as a Software

The Cm3 ecosystem modernises and standardises compliance practices through a robust and intuitive digital experience. The Cm3 interface offers an approachable system to share documentation and detail existing risk management practices to ensure vendors, such as contractors and suppliers, meet their clients’ requirements around WHS, ethical sourcing, and other areas of compliance.

Accessing essential information about vendors is imperative in reducing bottlenecks in the processes of risk management. Cm3 offers software to collect and track licences, insurances, and other contractor information, ensuring the management of WHS obligations are standardised throughout businesses.

Within Cm3’s ecosystem are also tools for conducting worker inductions and training, as well as site access controls.


Cm3 as a Service

Cm3’s account management and customer success teams understand their portfolio of clients thoroughly. Through ongoing collaboration, these clients not only get the most from Cm3 to meet their needs, but also shape the roadmap for product development, services, and assessments for emerging areas of risk.

Cm3’s Australian-based Assessment team is responsible for the assessment of contractor risk management, providing customised risk reviews based on characteristics of unique contractor businesses across all industries.

Facilitated by Cm3’s robust software, Cm3’s team of qualified risk management professionals liaise with contractors directly as they complete assessments relevant to the work the contractor perform to ensure the correct measures are implemented to create safe and compliant workplaces.

Cm3 offers a range of ongoing support to both business and contractors, with a catalogue of resources and expertise to improve the quality of organisational compliance.


Cm3 as a Network

While Cm3 is more often recognised as simply a solution for contractor management, new additions to the Cm3 Marketplace address the need for streamlined procurement of qualified contractors.

The Cm3 Marketplace is a powerful tool which aims to simplify the contractor search and selection process, enabling business to expand their network in Cm3 and make better informed decisions based on unique criteria. These include work type search, job type search, and risk type filtering.

The Cm3 Marketplace centralises tens of thousands of contractors with businesses seeking their skills across a range of work types and industries. With increased visibility to the industry, contractors showcase their capabilities and increase their opportunities to work with Cm3’s portfolio of 170+ unique clients.


Cm3 as a Solutions Partner

At the heart of Cm3’s ecosystem is a purpose to deliver a suite of solutions to businesses looking to modernise and standardise their contractor management. Cm3 acknowledges that managing contractor risk is often a time-consuming process, with compliant and best practice requirements often changing and differing between states and countries. Cm3 takes the administrative burden from businesses looking to manage their contractors more effectively.

Cm3’s innovative blend of a software, service, network, and solutions partner creates breadth and diversity in capabilities. Across a range of industries, each with unique challenges and requirements, tens of thousands of organisations utilise the Cm3 ecosystem and services to increase the safety of their workplaces.

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