The use of contractors is a key component of the operations of businesses across most industries. This can take the form of anything between the use of a cleaning company and an entirely contracted workforce. By taking on any externally employed workers, an organisation does not offload their duties under Occupational Health and Safety legislation. In fact, the use of contractors can introduce more risks to an organisation.

It is important that contracted workers are qualified, licensed, and insured for the work they are brought on to conduct, as well as properly inducted according to their client’s site safety procedures and policies.

Cm3 is a contractor safety management platform with a unique team of highly qualified assessors. By using Cm3, businesses are empowered with confidence that their work is being conducted by qualified and compliant contractors.


Why should you prequalify your contractors?

A person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU), or employer, has the legal obligation to ensure their workplace protects the health, safety, and welfare of their employees and the public. Whilst directly employed workers can be put through employee inductions and training programs to ensure they understand company policies and procedures, contracted workers introduce new risks resulting from differences in practices and standards.

To mitigate this risk, a business can prequalify their contractors – ensuring that they meet requirements around insurances, licences, safe work practices and modern slavery before engaging them for work.

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Why should you use a contractor prequalification system?

The prequalification of contractors can be a time-consuming and therefor expensive exercise to conduct in-house for clients. Not only does this tie up Procurement and Health and Safety officers with significant ongoing administrative work, but it also becomes troublesome to continually verify and track contractors’ Occupational Health and Safety documentation, and to keep on top of changes in legislation and best industry practice. Additionally, it is also important to consider document security requirements around the protection of sensitive and confidential information that is collected.

Prequalification systems like Cm3 enable a business to confidently outsource these tasks and have them conducted in a consistent, comprehensive, and coordinated manner. Furthermore, prequalification software can be integrated with other systems that a business may use, including accounting, site access, and induction.


Why do clients choose Cm3 to prequalify their contractors?

Cm3’s solutions are unique in the field of online contractor safety management and prequalification. With an emphasis on expertise and compliance, Cm3 employs a team of highly qualified Assessors with vast operational experience across virtually all industries. This team conducts Cm3’s assessments based on the work a contractor may do for a client. With the Assessors’ depth and breadth of industry experience, Cm3 is uniquely positioned to provide specialised risk reviews on various areas of risk, including Chain of Responsibility. In addition to being prequalified for work on your projects, your contractors will also be provided with access to Cm3’s Assessors, who can help them refine and improve their own safe work practices. The Support team for Cm3 is entirely based onshore in Australia, providing assistance to users through expertise in the platform and local knowledge.

Besides being on a national platform to exhibit their business, Cm3 prequalification is often a badge of pride for many contractors, who proudly display this achievement on their websites, collateral, and company vehicles. It gives them, and their clients, confidence that they will complete works in a safe and compliant manner.