Is site access a weak link in your contractor compliance?

Site access controls and inductions play a major role in ensuring that contractors and visitors have a safe experience on your sites. Without a robust system in place, you may not always have real-time visibility of a contractor’s prequalification status when they attend site.

Now more than ever, it is critical for businesses to be able to track and keep a record of who has visited their sites, and ensure that those who are allowed in have completed appropriate site inductions. These can be simple checklists and declarations for visitors, and more in-depth inductions around WHS practices, policies, and procedures for contractors.

New regulations are also introducing requirements for workers in certain industries, including construction and education, to have and be able to demonstrate their COVID-19 vaccination status. Employers in these industries are required to collect evidence of worker vaccination status to demonstrate their site’s compliance.


Do you need to collect the vaccination status of workers and site visitors?

From Friday the 24th September 2021, operators of construction sites in Victoria must have been able to collect and store information around the COVID-19 vaccination status of their workers.

Operators need to collect information regarding whether the worker has received their first or second dose, have upcoming bookings, or have received an exemption from a medical practitioner.

When taking records, they should include:

  • The name of the worker
  • Their vaccination status
  • Who sighted evidence of compliance
  • The date the evidence was sighted
  • The nature of that evidence (for example the worker’s COVID-19 digital certificate, AIR or medical exemption).

The operator is not required to retain copies of this evidence however, if it is retained, they must comply with both Federal (Privacy Act 1988) and Victorian (Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014, Health Records Act 2001) legislation.

Cm3 OnSite - Contractor and Site Visitor Check in And Compliance Software - COVID-19 Screening

Cm3’s declaration and document request tools can be used to to capture company-level information on COVID-19 vaccination status. By integrating with a site access solution, you are able to collect and store detailed information around worker and contractor vaccination status and check it against their prequalification status.

Guidance, including details on mandatory vaccination and how employers are to collect and store the information, are available on the Construction Sector Guidance page on the Victorian Government website.



Close the loop in your contractor compliance with Cm3 OnSite

Cm3 OnSite is a new all-in-one site access solution with easy QR-code based check in that streamlines the tracking, verification and reporting of site visitors. Being natively linked with the Cm3 database, OnSite checks your contractors’ prequalifcation status in real-time. From your dashboard, you can see any attempted check-ins from non-prequalified contractors and view and download site check-in history.

Cm3 OnSite can help you to manage your COVID-19 compliance with tools that allow you to:

  • Present COVID-19 symptom and awareness information
  • Induct workers and contractors to site hygiene and safety policies
  • Capture and store declarations around vaccination status

It is simple to manage multiple sites and define the unique check-in requirements and inductions for each. You can further customise these processes for regular site visitors, contractors and tenant contractors.

Learn more about Cm3 OnSite.


Connect your Site Access Solution with Cm3 for Real-Time Prequalification Checks

Cm3 has a robust API that can be integrated with Site Access solutions including Sine and TIKS. These connections enable you to check that workers checking in on site are from prequalified businesses and have completed your inductions. You can have confidence in knowing that you have an extra line of defence to prevent contractors who have not met your requirements from compromising your safety and compliance.