Contractor Safety Management Details Update

Onsite Contractor Verification allows your business to

  • Verify that your contractors are actually applying their WHS management system as presented in the prequalification process
  • Provide adequate resources and processes to comply with your safety law duties
  • Assist Company Officers meet their due diligence obligations by having adequate governance, information, and decisions to manage WHS

The Onsite Contractor Verification Service gives you cost-effective, fast and ongoing management of your contractors’ safety across your supply chain

Cm3 Onsite Contractor Verification Process Step 1
Cm3 Onsite Contractor Verification Process Step 2
Cm3 Onsite Contractor Verification Process Step 3

“It is incumbent on the PCBU to ensure, so far as they are reasonably able, that the specialist or technical expert:
does in fact have the required expertise to ensure the work can be carried out safely;
has in place the systems, processes and procedures to ensure the work can be carried out safely;
is carrying out the work in a manner which does not create a health and safety risk for the PCBU’s own workers or other at the workplace.”

~ Safe Work Australia ~

Key Features of the Online Reporting Platform

View Corrective Action status and Priorities online
View reports online
Generates notifications and reminders
View portfolio dashboards to get a quick status
Export reports and data
Online reporting platform is available 24/7
Email, Live Chat and phone support
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