Cm3 Prequalification Certificate - Demonstrate Your Safety Capability with Cm3

Congratulations on Completing Your Cm3 Assessment

Achieving Cm3 client compliance gives your clients confidence that you have the systems and processes in place to get their work done safely. You can now also display your Cm3 status on your website, on company vehicles, and on other marketing collateral.

Please contact the team if you would like digital or print versions of the Cm3 logo for these purposes.

Cm3 Contractor Prequalified Website Logo Badge Embed

Embed a Cm3 Badge on Your Website

Provide these embed codes to your website manager or administrator to add the Cm3 badge to your website.

Cm3 Logo - Contractor Management, Compliance & Prequalification
For Light Backgrounds
Cm3 Logo - Contractor Management, Compliance & Prequalification
For Dark Backgrounds

Display The Cm3 Logo on Your Vehicles

Cm3 stickers are available for order for your company vehicles. Follow the link below and fill in the form below to request a set of stickers for your vehicle or fleet and the team will organise them to be delivered directly.

Cm3 Contractor Prequalified Car Sticker