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Cm3 has a number of built in tools that can assist the collection of information about Vendors (including Contractors and Suppliers) required to meet reporting requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

The use of technology platforms such as Cm3 to manage contractors and suppliers makes regulatory compliance management simpler, more transparent and easier to implement across industries. Managing the new reporting requirements associated with Modern Slavery can also be achieved with the use of these platforms to procure declarations, conduct surveys or audits, review documentation and request specific policies and procedures from vendors.

Cm3 Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Contractor Management

Ethical Sourcing & Contractor Management

Clients using Cm3 to prequalify contractors and suppliers have multiple options to request information or obtain confirmation of their practices.

Ethical Sourcing Questionnaire

Identify if vendors sourcing practices present any potential modern slavery risks through the Cm3 Ethical Sourcing Questionnaire.

Completed by all Cm3 Vendors as part of their annual Business Risk Profile update, the questionnaire covers key aspects of vendor operations (supply chain, labour hire, employment practices, industry type).

Flagging of Potential Risk Issues

Flag and track vendors identified as having potential ethical sourcing risk issues, allowing for further investigation, issuing of a survey or completion of the Cm3 Ethical Sourcing Risk Review.

Customised Surveys for Further Due Diligence

Build your own surveys to obtain a clearer picture of your vendors operations. Targeting small to medium enterprise vendors that aren’t required to complete an annual Modern Slavery Statement and who may not have the knowledge or expertise currently to complete a detailed review.

Full Modern Slavery Review

Have your larger, more complex vendors complete a detailed review of their modern slavery policies, processes, and procedures as part of their annual Cm3 Prequalification. Vendors will need to provide evidence of implementing these processes to achieve prequalification.

Dashboards & Reporting

Cm3 will provide data driven dashboards to track and manage ethical sourcing issues in your supplier base and provide easily exported reports and information in support of your Annual Modern Slavery Statement.

Education & Awareness

Education and awareness of Ethical Sourcing practices in supply chains is a key aspect to engaging with vendors. Greencap’s online learning system can link to Cm3 for delivery of training packages and education sessions that are recorded and displayed in Cm3’s dashboard views.

Contractors & Suppliers

Cm3 and WHS prequalification form a key part of contractor safety management for many companies. With the extension of this to Ethical Sourcing, clients have the opportunity to include their suppliers and contractors in the process and ensure their due diligence in this area is across all vendors.

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