Cm3 Pricing and Subscription

  1. Greencap reserves the right to amend pricing structure and pricing calculation algorithms at any point.
  2. Cm3 is a subscription service, the subscription in billed annually in advance and renews automatically on the anniversary of commencement of the subscription.
  3. Contractors can renew their subscription up to 90 days before the anniversary date of their subscription, and the payment will be applied from the anniversary. Fees are calculated based on tiers which vary according to:
    • Number of risks selected in business risk profile;
    • Additional modules required based on selected risks; and
    • Other weighting factors controlled by Cm3
  4. Details of Tier pricing can be provided to Contractors on request to Greencap.
  5. The User has 90 days from the date of payment to submit their Cm3 Risk Review assessment. In the event that the User does not submit the Cm3 Risk Review assessment within 90 days of payment the Payment will be forfeited and you will be required to reactivate the assessment and a new Payment will be required.
  6. The annual fee is completely non-refundable. The only circumstances in which a refund or prorata refund is available is if these Terms and Conditions are terminated in accordance with clause 15(d).
  7. The payment method is by credit card.


Go Induct Pricing and Subscription

  1. GoInduct is a subscription service. The subscription amount is based on the number of individual “Seats” required.
  2. A Seat is an individual per user license. Seats are non-transferable between Users.
  3. Detail on pricing can be provided to Contractors on request to Greencap.


Cm3 OnSite

  1. Cm3 OnSite has no fee for contractor users.
  2. Users agree to receive SMS communications (Broadcast Messages and Mobile Authorisation Codes) from Cm3 OnSite.