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Reduce Cost

Your time is valuable. The Cm3 service handles OHS/WHS contractor prequalification from beginning to end, freeing up your internal resources and allowing you to spend more time focussing on your business.

Reduce Risk

With a full-time expert compliance team, the Cm3 prequalification process stays up to date with changing regulations and legal requirements, giving you confidence that your risk is being minimised by the industry’s leading experts.

Increase Transparency

Cm3’s Contractor Management Software provides an easy-to-use web-based interface, giving you real-time access to your contractors’ compliance status. Quickly and easily identify a contractor’s status, access documents, assessments and view historic archives.


Built by Experienced Work Health and Safety Experts

Cm3’s contractor compliance assessment process is unique in its employment of an in-house team of highly qualified expert Assessors. By leveraging Cm3’s centralised contractor management system, comprehensive database of contractors, and robust process, your organisation can dramatically decrease the time required to source and prequalify your contractors based on your requirements.

Assessments from WHS Professionals
Verify Contractor Licences
Log Corrective Actions
Create and Track Contractor Surveys
Cm3 Contractor Management Software Industry Experts
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Cm3 is proudly part of Blackwoods with the backing of Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety, offering a stable and quality experience for clients, contractors, and integration partners.

Ethical Sourcing for Your Vendors

Cm3 has a number of built in tools that can assist the collection of information about Vendors (including Contractors and Suppliers) required to meet ethical sourcing and modern slavery reporting requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Ethical Sourcing Questionnaire
Dashboards & Reporting
Customised Surveys & Declarations
Cm3 Ethical Sourcing and Modern Slavery Contractor Management
Flag Potential Risk Issues
Contractors & Suppliers
Education & Awareness
Cm3 Contractor Compliance and Risk Assessments

Source Compliant & Qualified Contractors without the hassle

Cm3 is a portable certificate that can be used by contractors for your projects and for prequalification to work with other clients.

  • Contractors register and set up their Business Risk Profile
  • Experienced Work Health and Safety professionals guide your contractors through the assessment process
  • Contractors upload their licences, insurances, and other evidence
  • The Cm3 Marketplace equips you with advanced search capabilities to find contractors that meet your requirements
  • Contractors can promote their Cm3 status to other clients
  • Contractors are alerted if an Insurance or Licence is coming up for renewal or expiration

‘After reviewing several contractor prequalification products, our analysis shows that Cm3 is the premium Contractor WHS Prequalification product in the market’

National Operational Risk Manager | Stockland

Contractor Safety Management & Prequalification Solutions for your industry

Cm3’s Contractor Management System & Compliance solutions facilitate successful partnerships with clients and contractors across all industries

Construction & Infrastructure
Facilities & Property Management
Transport & Logistics
Energy & Utilities
Retail & Wholesale
Health & Social Care
Mining & Resources
Education & Training

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