The Cm3 Marketplace Pilot unlocks job opportunities for your business

The team at Cm3 is constantly looking for ways to provide more value to the clients and contractors that make up our community of safety-conscious businesses across Australia.

A fundamental aspect of being on Cm3 is achieving prequalification for work with your clients. Through attaining this, you are also unlocking opportunities for work with other businesses that use Cm3 to manage safety and compliance of their contracted workforce.

To make it easier for you to get more jobs with clients near you, Cm3 is launching a pilot for the new Cm3 Marketplace.

This will involve notifications being sent out to you when a client is looking for work that you provide at a site within your service area. You will have the opportunity to express your interest in the job, and the client will then select an available contractor to engage.

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Cm3 Marketplace Job Alert Sample

What to look out for

This is what job notifications will look like as they appear in your inbox. You may also receive an SMS notification about the job.

Simply click on “APPLY NOW” in the email to let Cm3 know you are interested and available to complete the work.